Dr. Rashmi Sharma, a distinguished Dermatologist and qualified venereologist in Delhi NCR, excels in an array of innovative dermatological treatments. As a skin specialist, she along with her team of specialization proficiently performs over 130 types of derma treatments, catering to various skin concerns. Dr. Rashmi Sharma's commitment to excellence is evident through her extensive training and accomplishments. She Actively involved in research and a published author in reputable medical journals, Dr. Rashmi's role as a speaker at national and international conferences underscores her passion for advancing dermatological science.

Dr. Rashmi Sharma’s expertise extends across a wide range of clinical and cosmetic services. Whether you are seeking laser hair removal, scar removal, acne treatment, or anti-aging services like fillers, Botox, chemical peeling, Medi-facial the clinic offers personalized care to help you achieve your skincare goals. The Clinic is equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide cutting-edge skincare services. Patients can trust that they are in capable hands at Dr. Rashmi Sharma’s clinic, where the highest quality of care is provided to people affected by skin disorders and hair-related issues. Dr. Sharma’s relentless dedication and personalized approach make her clinic a top choice for those seeking advanced dermatology services in Delhi.


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  • IADVL Fellowship in Vesicobullous Diseases: AIIMS, New Delhi (2012)
  • ACSI Fellowship in Aesthetic and Cutaneous Surgery: VMMC, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi (2017)
  • DNB: 2012-2014: Skin Institute and School of Dermatology, New Delhi
  • DVDL (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy): 2010-2012: Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore.
  • Topper in Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences University Exams: 2012
  • National Dermatology Quiz Winner
  • MBBS:2003-2009, B.J. Govt Medical College, Pune


  • Consultant: Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, New Delhi (2016 till date working).
  • Consultant Pediatric Dermatologist: Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, New Delhi (2016 till date).
  • Consultant: Clinic Dermatech, New Delhi (2017-2019).
  • Pediatric Dermatologist: Rosewalk Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Consultant: Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi.
  • Worked at Kiran Dermasurge and Max Panchsheel hospital (July 2015 till oct’16)
  • Also worked at Aakash hospital, New Delhi (2014-1015).
  • Managed hair diseases, pigment, allergy, eczema, bullous disease, pediatric dermatoses and sexually transmitted disease in individual special clinics resulting in organized management of patients and convenient follow up visits.
  • MD Codes: Training in Aesthetic Filler and Singapore General Hospital, Singapore by Allergan.

PUBLICATIONS (Co-authored chapters)

  • Co-authored chapter on Hair Shaft disorders in IADVL Textbook of Dermatology. Fifth edition (Third Author) Aseem Sharma, Madhulika Mhatre, Rashmi Sharma, Trupti D Agarwal
  • Co-authored chapter on Vitiligo: Classification, Clinical Evaluation and Assessment of Stability. IADVL Recent Advances in Dermatology. Second edition (Second Author) Madhulika Mhatre, Rashmi Sharma, Aseem Sharma, Sanjeev Mulekar
  • Co-authored chapter on Dermoscopy in Melasma, Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy & Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin, Second Edition, textbook (Second Author)


  • Australas J Dermatol. 2022 Aug;63(3):e270-e273. Multiple non familial trichoepithelioma presenting as leonine facies with concomitant lupus nephritis and alopecia areata – An unusual concurrence. Sharma R, Poddar S, Batrani M, Podder I.
  • Sharma R, Poddar S, Podder I. Azathioprine induced Anagen effluvium- an uncommon effect of a commonly used drug. (Manuscript accepted for publication in IJD on 8 th Dec)
  • BMJ Case Rep. 2021 Jul 28;14(7) Subcutaneous fat necrosis in an infant with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy stage 3: an uncommon association. Mehta S, Gupta NP, Batra A, Sharma R.
  • International Journal of Trichology.2013 Jan;5(1):17-21. Epidemiological and investigative study on premature graying of hair in higher secondary and pre university school children Ramesh M Bhat, Rashmi Sharma, Anita C Pinto, Sukumar Dandekeri
  • Dermatol Ther. 2020 Jul;33 ;(4) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): An updated review based on current knowledge and existing literature for dermatologists Kaur I, Sharma A, Jakhar D, Das A, Aradhya SS, Sharma R, Jindal V, Mhatre M.
  • Indian dermatology online journal. 2020 Nov-Dec; 11(6): 991–994. Indian Dermatologists Wield Technology to Combat COVID-19 Jakhar D, Sharma A, Kaur I, Sharma R, Das A, Madke B, Jindal V, Aradhya S S, Mhatre M. (2020).
  • Indian Dermatol Online J.2020 Jul-Aug; 11(4): 534–539 Safer Practice of Aesthetic Dermatology during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations by SIG Aesthetics (IADVL Academy) Arora G, Arora S, Talathi A, Kandhari R, Joshi V, Langar S, Nagpal S, Shetty VH, Nair RV, Sharma D, Sharma R, Sondhi P.
  • IADVL-L’Oréal Grant 2010 on Epidemiological Study on Premature Graying of Hair in higher secondary and Pre-university school children
  • Various award and free paper presentation in national dermatology conference
  • Faculty speaker and conducted various workshop
  • Presented poster on Vitiligo in DERMACON 2013
  • Presented poster on Darier disease in DERMACON 2014
  • Thesis: Assessment of Quality of Life in Acne Vulgaris patients using WHO-QOLBREF
  • Certificate of training in Practical Skills
  • Participated as faculty in fillers and workshop during Dermacon 2021
  • Participated as faculty in fillers and workshop during Dermacon 2022
  • Certificate of participation in Dermatology self-assessment program (DSAP) by American academy of dermatology in the year 2013
  • Certificate of participation in Pier – Dermatology by American College of Physicians
  • Experience of taking Clinics and lectures of Undergraduate students


  • Speaker at Various National and International conference (>50 presentations)
  • Speaker at 25th World Congress of Dermatology, Singapore on Novel Therapy for Axillary Hyperhidrosis by Microneedling Devices.
  • Scientific secretary for IADVL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Conference 2018
  • Faculty during IADVL NATIONAL Workshop on Filler Injection Technique 2021
  • Faculty during IADVL NATIONAL Workshop on Filler Injection Technique 2022
  • Participated as a faculty in DermatoSurgery and Aesthetic workshop 2021
  • Participated as a faculty in Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic workshop 2021
  • Participated as a faculty and panelist in Tattoo Workshop in Dermacon 2019
  • Participated as a faculty in Pediatric Dermatology, Panel discussion, Dermacon 2020
  • Participated as a faculty and participated as a debater on several topics during Cuticon and IADVL Practice Management conferences 2021
  • Participated as a debater on several topics during Cuticon and IADVL Practice Management conferences 2022.
  • Conducted workshop on Laser based Tattoo removal, Camouflaging techniques and Micropigmentation Technique
  • Have been a trainer with Gal derma for several filler injection workshops.
  • Award paper presentation: Various modalities of treatment in Acne scars with Dermoscopic Evaluation in 2018
  • Award paper presentation: Various modalities of treatment in Acne scars with Dermoscopic Evaluation in 2018
  • Presented Award Paper at DERMACON on Premature greying of hair 2011
  • First Prize in National Dermatology PG Quiz: 2014


Dr. Rashmi Sharma have been committed to serving IADVL in the best of capacity. Her journey in IADVL culminated after my post-graduation and I have served as member (PMC), convener (IADVL Yuva Cell and IADVL Media Cell) and chairperson (IADVL Yuva Cell) in different committees. As a founding convener of IADVL Yuva Cell, in the Covid lockdown we had great opportunity to work and prove the foundation of IADVL Yuva cell. She had the opportunity to form the roadmap and contribute to the best of my capacity she has been exposed to working in several committees and have a passion for great organisational improvements.

In the current year, under the guidance of IADVL President, Dr Rashmi Sarkar and Hon’ Sec General, Dr Dinesh Kumar, IADVL Yuva Cell organised, the first ever IADVL Yuva Networking event for the youth. In fact, we are on the way to having another event on 12th Feb. She has also been a scientific secretary in the first IADVL Practice Management conference in 2017. She has managed to contribute to my best potential ability to the benefit and maximization of the core group. Looking forward to such opportunities. She has also contributed as a member in SIG Aesthetics 2020-2022. She looks forward to work and contribute to individual conference with students, ascertaining in research direction, assigning in composition of theories and experiments.

Dr. Rashmi Sharma has been involved in IADVL Committees and role of my contribution in various positions is as mentioned below:

  1. IADVL SIG Aesthetics: Convener 2024
  2. IADVL DSB Executive Committee Member: 2024
  3. IADVL Yuva Cell – Adviser 2023
  4. SIG DermatoSurgery – Member 2023
  5. IADVL Yuva Cell – Chairperson 2022
  6. IADVL Media Cell – Convener 2021
  7. IADVL Derma Practice Management Cell – Member, 2017-2021
  8. SIG Aesthetics, Member 2020
  9. Scientific Secretory – IADVL Derma Practice Management Cell Conference 2018
  10. Convenor – IADVL Yuva Cell 2020
  11. ACSI Membership – ND/ACSI/1531 (Media Cell Convener 2020


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